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The Office: Season 2

Episode 2-1: The Dundies

Mike sings Dundie songs.
Pam gets drunk and falls down, hee!
Pam gives Jim a peck.

Episode 2-2: Sexual Harassment

 Michael sends emails.
No more sex dolls in office.
A sad day for all.

 Episode 2-3: Office Olympics

When Michael’s away,
snow shoe paper games are played.
Pam makes doves for Jim.

Episode 2-4: The Fire

 Fire in Office!
Michael says he’d do Ryan.
Dwight weeps with envy.

Episode 2-5: Halloween

Michael can’t fire.
Three-hole-punch Jim stays for Pam.
Dwight is a Sith Lord.

Episode 2-6: The Fight

Michael and Dwight fight!
Mike gives Dwight a promotion.
Shhh, no one can know.

 Episode 2-7: The Client

Mike writes a screenplay.
Agent Michael Scarn is cool!
He wins despite Dwigt.

Episode 2-8: Performance Review

Dwight likes the wild side.
Michael looks for good advice.
Don’t sleep with your boss.

Episode 2-9: Email Surveillance

Michael reads emails.
He crashes Jim’s house party.
Who’s that making out?

Episode 2-10: Christmas Party

No party booze? Boo!
Michael says screw that dumb rule!
Naked Meredith!

Episode 2-11: Booze Cruise

Staff goes on a cruise.
Jim tells Michael a secret.
Silly, stupid Jim.

Episode 2-12: The Injury

Michael fries his foot.
Dwight hits his head and gets nice.
Come back injured Dwight!

Episode 2-13: The Secret

Jim really likes Pam.
Michael wants to be like Jim.
The secret is out.

Episode 2-14: The Carpet

Something bad happened.
Michael’s office smells like poo.
Packer is a douche.

Episode 2-15: Boys and Girls

No boys are allowed.
Michael has to go and pout.
The warehouse gets trashed.

Episode 2-16: Valentines Day

Phyllis gets big gifts.
Pam is sad, no gift from Jim.
Jan gives Mike a kiss!

Episode 2-17: Dwights Speech

Salesman of the year!
Dwight sounds like Mussolini.
All cheer: Long live Dwight!

Episode 2-18: Take Your Daughter to Work Day

Daughters at work day.
Ryan, watch out for Stanley,
and kid-lover Mike.

Episode 2-19: Michael’s Birthday

Mike’s b-day party!
Poor Kevin might have cancer.
Cancer hates Michael.

Episode 2-20: Drug Testing

Oops, Dwight finds a joint.
Mike thinks he’ll fail a drug test.
Dwight gives him some pee.

Episode 2-21: Conflict Resolution

Mike tries to fix fights.
Oscar wears a baby shirt.

Episode 2-22: Casino Night

Casino night fun!
Michael has two dates. Say what?
Awww, Jim kisses Pam.

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