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Tenillypo loves good soap opera (no, that isn’t an oxymoron), epic fantasy, proper grammar, and girly drinks. She likes movies with explosions, intelligent social commentary, sexual tension, and hot women who are more than just eye candy, but she’ll usually settle for just one of those qualities in a pinch.

She wishes shows that pass the Bechdel Test weren’t so damn rare, that there were more stories about gay people having adventures and living their lives instead of just coming out or getting beaten up, and that Hollywood wasn’t so very, very white. She thinks cheesy, syndicated SciFi is one of life’s simplest pleasures. She will never get tired of mocking SyFy. She has a gigantic crush on Rachel Maddow.

Lately, her reading tastes have vaciliated between YA Urban Fantasy of varying quality and faux-Victorian Romance. (It’s been a weird summer, okay?)

And when she’s not busy with all of the above, she enjoys ranting about the soul-crushing badness of General Hospital. It’s very therapeutic! Really!

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