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Cartoon comedy

February 11, 2010

Since we’re updating the blog, I’ll throw my two cents into the ring.

FX’s new animated show, Archer, is pure entertaining fun. It has a very Sealab 2021 feel, so much so that I went to the internet for information, and lo! Archer is brought to us by one of the co-creators of Sealab. If you missed Sealab back in the early years of this century, the can’t-miss episode is Bizzaro (I can only find a clip compilation, but the entire episode is worth seeking out).

Archer has the right mix of dry delivery and absurd humor, and clocks in perfectly at 30 minutes- longer would be too much to sustain, and 15 minutes wouldn’t allow for set-ups of longer jokes. As a bonus, it offers some vocal talent powerhouses- Jessica Walter (of Arrested Development) and Chris Parnell (of SNL and 30Rock), among others.

Between Archer and It’s Sunny in Philadelphia, FX is really on the cutting edge of comedy these days.

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