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Dragons and Magic and Boys, Oh My!

June 22, 2009

Last night the first season of Merlin premiered on NBC. I was pretty excited about this because Tenillypo had been watching it online and had thoroughly enjoyed it. NBC picked up the first season, but the show was originally aired on the BBC last fall.

Now, it is important to remember that this is a show about Merlin, who supposedly will become a great sorcerer and right hand man to the great King Arthur. So if you don’t like knights and magic and a bit of cheesy graphics, it won’t be for you. However, as computer graphics go for television, I find Merlin‘s to be on par or better than most. They add to the story, not take away from it. I can’t always say the same for the makeup, but hell, I loved Buffy the Vampire Slayer so sometimes I can look past things.

And speaking of Buffy, Anthony Steward Head is great as King Uther, who currently presides over Camelot and is doing his best to enforce the ban on magic that was put in place 20 years ago. It seems that magic got a bit out of control back then and Uther feels that he must continue to punish those who do magic to keep his kingdom safe.

Enter Merlin, a young man who does not need to study magic, but seems to be simply born with it. He has been sent to Camelot by his mother who is fearful that without direction Merlin may be in danger because of his talents.

Merlin quickly becomes acquainted with Arthur, the young and heroic son of the King. Arthur is introduced as a spoiled bully. However, he is quickly won over by Merlin and his willingness to stand up to him.

Before the first half of the first episode is over it is clear that the central relationship in this series is the “bromance” between Arthur and Merlin. And if you didn’t get that, there is mystical dragon in the basement of Camelot who will tell you straight out that Arthur and Merlin’s fate are intertwined. (Hey, I said you had to like dragons)

To me, Merlin is a breath of fresh air. With so many cop and medical dramas out there, the child in me longs for a sense of whimsy. Merlin satisfies that desire ten fold.

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  1. April 8, 2010 3:34 pm

    Yeah, the dragon was a helpful “plot pointer” in season one. More of a crutch IMO in season two.

    We like the show. Despite the fact that they could not match season one, it is still fun (usually – if you do not count troll episodes) to watch.

    Here is our take on Merlin season two with lots of pics and a little wit if you are interested:

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