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Monday was a banner night for “will they/won’t they” couples

May 20, 2009

It seems the answer is they will. So now what?

I had posted before about how I didn’t want Barney and Robin from HIMYM to get together, because I didn’t want it to get stale. Monday night’s finale, although causing me some concern about where they will take the couple, was utterly enjoyable. I loved their back and forth. I loved the fact that they are both insecure. And I think that these issues will continue to give us entertainment next season. On top of all of that, it gave us some hot make out action.


Speaking of hot action….

I would venture to say that the season finale of Gossip Girl may have been the most satisfying Chuck and Blair episode ever. I had the same reservations stated above about this pairing, but the heat the two of these characters created in this episode was well worth the risk. If that ends up being the best we get from Chuck and Blair in this series, I think I would be satisfied. But I’m really hoping for more next season.

In celebration – here are my favorite pics from this episode. Screencaps are by GossipGirlOnline.








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