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What in the world is happening here?

May 16, 2009

Last night I watched the series finale of Prison Break.  I thought it would result in extreme happiness and joy.

Or, as Tenillypo says, “Fat Babies!”

Instead the writers gave a big old “Fuck You!” to all the loyal viewers who have already swallowed enough crap in the last four seasons to kill a horse. What seemed to be just endings for the characters — all the crew members getting immunity, Michael’s mom dying, the general getting the electric chair, T-Bag back in jail — instead ended up being the very last Prison Break fake out, with Michael dying in the last five minutes of the episode. This epilogue was unnecessary and completely disconnected from fans’ desires and the rest of the episode. It completely ruined the karmic balance so nicely struck just moments earlier. Michael had sacrificed more than anyone else in that group, and in my opinion, he deserved a happily ever after most of all. And executive producer Matt Olmstead’s reasoning for it all is just plain crap.

That said, this article includes some information that makes me second guess my gut reaction to the finale. I had mentioned before that Fox was not going air a very last two-hour Prison Break episode. Apparently, this two-hour DVD-only episode, entitled The Final Break, is going to include some of  the time between the happy ending and the kick-in-the-nads ending. Let’s hope so. I could see this “movie” possibly giving some satisfying conclusion to Michael’s story and earning his death. Although I’m not going to set my heart on it.

But if that is true, then why did they not broadcast this episode? Was it the network’s idea? Or the writing staff’s?

My reaction to all this is to go back to my mantra Fuck You, Fox. But, that might be a bit hasty considering this.

It seems that up is down and black is white because common wisdom is now saying Dollhouse will be renewed on Monday. I’m sorry, impossible long shot says what? The article cites the reduction of production costs and the production company’s willingness to take on a larger share of these costs as the reason. It also talks about the increase of viewership when DVR and Hulu numbers are included. Another interesting reason mentioned was the potential for sales in DVDs for sci-fi materials. In short, fandom people spend lots of cash.

It is a bit exciting to see the television landscape looking to shift the way it does business. The current model is not working for the major networks and there has to be something to the droves of devoted fans that many of these cult shows have. But I’m not so sure I’m ready to give FOX credit for this one. We’ll see. Maybe if they renew Sarah Connor Chronicles they will win me over. SCC falls under most of the conditions that they gave for renewing Dollhouse. Although one question mark remains — can they reduce how much it costs to produce the show?

Hell, If FOX renews SCC, I’ll prostrate myself at their feet. There would be so much FOX ass kissing here it would disgust even those with the strongest constitutions. C’mon, FOX. You are already turning the conventional wisdom of TV renewals upside down, what’s one more? Guess we’ll see on Monday.

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