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Mountains of mixed emotions…

May 13, 2009

‘Tis the season for season finales. And yet, my ambivalence has gotten in the way of wanting to write about these episodes.

The first finale to come and go was Dollhouse. Honestly, I think I haven’t written anything about this show because it’s got a snow ball’s chance in hell of continuing, and I’d prefer to just not get myself all worked up over it. That being said, it was a really interesting and exciting episode that required the viewer to think (more than the average person would prefer) about the nature of existence and the basis of  humanity. I also got extreme joy out of seeing Alan Tudyk creep me the hell out. The one part of the episode I didn’t like was the fact that Paul  Ballard had to be the one who saved “Caroline” instead of Echo. To stick with the sleeping beauty theme, in the previous episode they discussed the young girl seeing herself as the prince and it would have been nice to see that consistency in the plot, since Ballard is obviously attempting to put himself in the role — although often in a pretty messed up way. I also would liked to have seen more on why Ballard has such a savior complex so his obsession would be more character driven (although not at all less creepy).

The next finale I consumed was Castle. This show continues to be enjoyable, with Nathan Fillion at the heart of it all. Although I can’t decide if I want to jump him or have him be my Dad, which has its disturbing moments. Oedipal feelings aside, his charm oozes and continues to entertain. I have to say, I’m not too extremely interested in the carry over stories or his relationship with Detective Beckett. This in itself confounds me, since that’s usually what draws me into a show. It just comes down to this: I am a Nathan Fillion fangirl and this may be the role that uses his talents best. I’m pulling for its survival, and most reports say the outlook is good.

The most recent season finale I watched was House. Honestly, I’m getting very tired of them advertising every episode as “the biggest shocker of the season.” The episode was good, but not great. I find that this season has really lacked the emotional resonance that past seasons had. I had already felt that Kutner’s death had shock value, but lacked the emotional impact. This episode continued along that vein. It also felt too reminiscent of the season 2 finale, “No Reason,” where House hallucinates after being shot. It just seems like they are trying to regain what made the show successful in the first few seasons and failing miserably. Although the moment with Kutner at the end was nice, since there was really no reason for House to not hallucinate Kutner, except for the fact that Kal Penn quit the show.

The best part of the episode was the progression of the relationship between Cameron and Chase, which included their wedding. But of course, it was not the main focal point of those scenes, being undercut by House going to rehab. Honestly, in terms of Cameron and Chase, I feel very happy when they give them scenes. But as much as I enjoy them, I often feel it is too little too late. In my opinion, the magic from the first few seasons is gone and no matter how hard they try, it is hard to imagine them getting it back.

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