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Chuck and other NBC issues

May 5, 2009

Michael Ausiello of EW posted a report on NBC’s fall schedule here.

Unfortunately, they have decided to wait to tell us whether or not Chuck will make it to a third season. I’ve always considered Chuck to be a take it or leave it kind of show, but the last few episodes of the second season were wonderful and I really hope it gets a chance to continue. It will be sad if I lose both Chuck and Dollhouse (which appears to be a foregone conclusion).

Especially in light of what new crap NBC has to offer. Seriously, scroll down the above page and read some of the descriptions. It’s good to know the network is sticking to formula and not getting too creative. The only one that looks sort of interesting to me is Community because of my community college connection and because Arrested Development directors Joe and Anthony Russo are attached.

I hope the other networks have more to offer.

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  1. incandescentflower permalink
    May 5, 2009 9:38 am

    Yeah, I thought that too. Although, Parenthood has Peter Krause, which I will probably try because of that fact, although actors I like do not guarantee anything.
    But yeah, no originality and a reduction in scripted content. Way to go NBC.

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