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Dollhouse: one more to go

May 3, 2009

Well, as I mentioned before, actually two more episodes — just not on FOX.

Friday’s episode of Dollhouse was bittersweet. In my opinion, every episode continues to be better than the last.

I had already heard the identity of Alpha, although I didn’t believe it because it just didn’t seem possible that Wash (aka Alan Tudyk) could play a sadistic psychopath. I was definitely wrong. It took me until the last 15 minutes of the episode to be sure it was him. The previews made it obvious that we would discover who Alpha was in this episode and without any other signs, I figured the reveal I had heard about was coming.

I was delighted by Alan and his portrayal of a quirky agoraphobic environmental engineer. I had no idea I would enjoy him more as our anti-hero Alpha.

The irony that poor Helo, I mean Paul Ballard, let him loose on the Dollhouse is classic Joss. And his turmoil over Millie and their relationship has been so perfectly painful. Not to mention pretty sexy for those of us who enjoy a brooding man. Ah, Tahmoh Penikett, you are so pretty to look at.

I thought it was a good touch that the writing reminded the viewers November is a sleeper agent when Paul saw her in her pod and left her there. I had wondered how he could excuse not rescuing her, but had not made the connection that Paul obviously had.

The last thing worth mentioning is the acting of Enver Gjokaj as Viktor. I had marveled many times how versatile and convincing he was in his different doll identities, but this week  as Dominic, he was especially impressive. Being strapped down, he really only had the vocal impression to give the viewer the sense of this character.  I was floored at how recognizable his Dominic was. This made it even more upsetting when Viktor was slashed in the face by Alpha. I find it hard to believe that he will be able to continue as a doll with those kinds of scars.

With the odds of renewal currently about as likely as hell freezing over, this episode of Dollhouse was as saddening as it was fun and entertaining. But hey, at least we still have one more to go…

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  1. calicobonny permalink
    May 4, 2009 10:56 am

    Agree, agree, agree! Everything you said is what I was thinking about this episode. The last few episodes really have more Joss in them than the first few, which had obviously been messed with by Fox. Damn Fox. I can’t believe I am getting sucked into another Joss show that probably won’t make it past one season.

    Oh, and I hadn’t seen previews for this episode because I watch the show on Hulu so I was totally surprised and thrilled when Wash showed up. He was definitely one of my favorite characters on Firefly.

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