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Wow… just, wow.

April 12, 2009

So, since the weekend has been so busy, I didn’t get a chance to watch the finale of the Sarah Connor Chronicles until today. I was chastised for not doing so yesterday because my friends reported it was so great that it was painful not to talk about. They were right.

One thing this show does well is keep you guessing without having it get so frustrating you’re ready to call it quits, case in point – Heroes and even Lost at times. But no matter how many twists and turns Terminator takes, I always come back wanting more. And despite the plots twists, the show often has moments of clarity that make it all worth while.

This episode was very satisfying because it clarified the idea that there are two factions of artificial intelligence. This has been hinted at before, but we finally got a clear answer in the finale, which I appreciated.

But the part that really blew me away was the ending. John jumping ahead in time was such a perfect Terminator moment. My opinion on this is based on one assumption, however: that this is how John gets to the future and he does not go back to the present. The reason I believe this to be true is because of the fact that Kyle and Reese had not heard of John Connor yet. Although this is a time travel show, so it’s possible that his jumping ahead changed the future. But it’s my opinion that that isn’t how this show views time travel. It has more of a Lost ideology: what happened, happened.

Now, one could counter this argument with the fact that Sarah was supposed to die of cancer earlier and jumped over her death. But even if the exact time frame may have changed, that event still seems to be in the cards, so I don’t think it disputes this philosophy on the whole. And even though a large part of the story is about the machines trying to counter this and kill John, no matter what they seem to try John’s fate is constant.

This interpretation is also consistent with original Terminator premise in terms of its view of time travel and parallel story telling. The reveal felt very reminiscent of finding out Kyle Reese was John Connor’s father. Straight out, it was awesome.

The one problem with this interpretation for me is that if John never comes back, then it seems unlikely that Sarah and John will ever see one another again. I believe the writers are hoping to continue to story so I’m not sure how they would get around this, but they never cease to surprise me. I have strong faith in that they can find a way to make it work.

Intellectualizing aside, no matter the consequences of the time jump, the final scene with Derek, Kyle and Allison (Cameron’s human counterpart) was intensely satisfying. The look on John’s face! I was united with him in a moment of overwhelming emotions.

And I’m sorry, but was I the only one who couldn’t help noticing how hot Thomas Dekker has gotten?

After such a perfect finale it’s hard to believe that this show has very little chance of surviving to see another season. To end this show at such a dramatic high point, with so much more story to tell, would be a travesty.


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