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Fun with Joss Whedon!

April 11, 2009

I just got back from getting my fangirl on at the Cultural Humanism award ceremony that honored Joss Whedon tonight. It was great! We got to see some fun clips, hear Joss give a great speech and get a few interesting tidbits of information, photos and an autograph. All in all, a pretty great evening.

The sad part was Joss’ talk about Dollhouse. He reported that he was going to do his best to get that 13th episode aired because it was really cool and apparently gave a lot of answers to some of the burning Dollhouse questions. (The complete deal about this was reported on EW yesterday. Caution, there are spoilers in the article, but if you gloss past the first few paragraphs, like I did, you can get the info without being spoiled.) In addition, Joss made a remark that seemed to indicate he wasn’t hopeful about Dollhouse’s renewal, which was saddening, but not surprising. He also mentioned that some of the choices made on Dollhouse were about the network pushing its agenda, specifically in terms of the look of most of the dolls being ideal model types. This was something I had assumed, but it was nice to get it confirmed.

He also answered the age old question: If Buffy and River got in a fight, who would win? He hinted that, like the audience, he would choose the programmed killer over the chosen one. As did yours truly. C’mon, River is scary!

When he signed my comic he was very sweet, although obviously weary. I couldn’t bring myself to say much more than thank you very much. And it seemed like he had taken all the gushing he could take.

It is a weird thought to know that for him it was a blur of people, but for me, it was so fun and exciting to see him in person. I just hope that the network stuff doesn’t drag him down too much.

Don’t give up making interesting and thought provoking television, Joss!


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