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What the hell, FOX?

April 7, 2009

Okay, so I know it isn’t really FOX’s fault that two of its shows which I watch religiously killed off characters I like in the first ten minutes, all within a four day period. But seriously, doesn’t FOX deserve blame in most that is wrong with the world?

The first blow was Derek Reese on the Sarah Connor Chronicles. The death scene was much like the show: gritty, abrasive and realistic. But it was really difficult for me to experience. One minute Derek was there, the next minute he wasn’t. The characters on the show are almost constantly on the run, and this episode was no exception. This resulted in very little time to even grieve. There were moments, but they were few. With Sarah arrested at the end, I’m hoping that this death had a reason — to isolate John and continue with the theme of him growing into the mythical shoes of John Connor. I’m also hoping this show isn’t going to get dumped. Since that outlook is bleak, I will take having the show with this disappointment over not having it at all.

The second shock this week came from House. After being introduced to the illness of the week, we were hit in the face with the Kutner’s suicide. I was so pissed about this. I could give a crap about Thirteen or Taub. Kutner was the only one of the new crew that I actually liked. So of course, they needed to go kill him. Since they shoved away Cameron and Chase, I’m starting to feel that if I like you and your name isn’t House, Cuddy or Wilson, the writers will find a way to get rid of you. After my angry reaction, I started to think about the purpose of the episode. One of the main points was that none of the characters saw it coming, especially House. In terms of the other two characters that I don’t like – one has a disease that will end her life, the other has already tried to end his. Either one’s suicide could have been explained away by these facts. But still, it would have been nice if they had actually used Kal Penn when he was on the show. It would have been nice to give this character an actual plot in life, instead of in death. When they killed Amber last season, I felt it was for a reason. This death feels like it is more for senseless shock value. So maybe that is actually what was intended, to give the viewer the same experience as someone who has lost someone they care about to suicide. But again, it is hard to take.

Some character deaths feel part of the drama, part of the rising action. Something that was inevitable. Something that makes you feel more connected to the character. Others, like these, leave you feeling empty and regretful. I prefer the former, although I understand the use of the latter. Just not all in one week, okay?  And for that, I will keep blaming FOX.


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