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March 28, 2009

I wasn’t sure how to start posting on this blog. The number of hours I spend watching television each week is vast. Thank god for DVR. Otherwise, I would do nothing else. Most of the television shows I follow are in full-swing. Posting about them feels a bit like being too late to join the party. So I’m going to start from the beginning with a few shows and go from there.

I find it interesting that the networks are rolling out new shows right now. It seems unusual. I imagine it’s a residual affect of the writer’s strike? But so far, at least, I feel as though it has been to my advantage. I’ve picked up two shows in the last few weeks: Castle and Kings. Two very different shows, both equally enjoyable.

Castle is yet another police procedural, with its own hook: a cheesy mystery writer is teamed with a cop. Honestly, the premise itself is ho-hum. I enjoy a police drama as much as the next person. But it begs the question, do we really need another one? After watching Castle, I say yes.  When discussing Castle with Tenillypo, she rightly pointed out that the show itself is much like the novels that Castle himself would write. And if that is what you expect, then I think you will enjoy it. It’s light and fun, but can take itself seriously when needed.

I realize I’m quite biased because Nathan Fillion is the lead character and I am pretty much in love with him. But he really does bring this show to life. The female lead (Stana Katic) is interesting, although she pales next to Castle. And the rest of the police force are pretty plain and boring. But Castle’s family are as bright and vibrant as he is, with a eccentric drunken mother and a overly parentified daughter. I would argue that Castle’s relationship with his daughter may be the best part of the show.

This isn’t a show that keeps me riveted to find out “who done it,” but the charm Nathan Fillion brings to the role does keep me glued to the screen. With so much despair and frustration in the world, I’m glad shows like this still exist to lift my spirits, even if only a little.

The next show I instantly enjoyed is Kings. I saw this show previewed so long ago, I could barely even remember why I was interested in it. (Well, except for Ian McShane. I have a soft spot for him after watching Deadwood.) And although it’s only been a few episodes, I think that Kings may be of a similar quality. Set in a alternate reality, where a society much like ours has a monarchy instead of a democracy, Kings has the all the aspects needed for a new and interesting drama: the photography is beautiful, the actors are convincing, and the story is intriguing. During the two hour pilot, I found myself already invested in the characters — a feat very few shows have accomplished as of late. It’s been quite a while since a drama pilot peaked my interest so intensely. I look forward to finding out if Kings can maintain my interest.

There are a few other shows premiering soon that I will be giving a trial run. Now that I’ve posted I’m hoping to jump into some commentary on those and many others that are already well into their seasons. It is a good time for television right now and I look forward to writing about it.

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